Who are we?

What is SAMBA?

SAMBA is an answer to a need. Aesthetic medicine is growing but learning is not structured. SAMBA teaches you in a simple way all the fundamentals you need to start and succeed in your aesthetic business.

The project was born from the desire of Dr. Patricia Delarive and Dr. Guilhem Poron, co-founders of SAMBA, to offer a complete remote learning program to medical doctors who want to acquire the essential knowledge to develop a safe, successful and enjoyable practice in aesthetics. 

The learners will have access to online courses presented by of the best experts in their field, from anatomy, skin rejuvenation, injections, laser therapy, energy devices, business, sales and marketing. We have designed a complete program in 8 modules to ensure that learners master all the basics of aesthetic medicine. Upon completion of the course, SAMBA students will become SAMBA graduates and obtain an international diploma in aesthetic medicine.

SAMBA is not only an academic program, it is also a community in which SAMBA students receive support and guidance in their daily practice. This sense of community is essential to SAMBA as it allows our learners to share their experience, knowledge and passion for their new adventure in aesthetics.


Our vision & mission

Before launching the project, we acquired an extensive experience over many years in aesthetic medicine and trained many doctors from all walks of life in our clinics and offices. We always done so by keeping it simple but safe and efficient.

We now want to offer this experience to a larger number of doctors all around the globe with always our key belief: 

Knowledge is simple and must be transmitted in the most straightforward way

We were inspired by two models that have revolutionized teaching in their field.

The first is Professor Ivo Pitanguy in cosmetic surgery, who for over 40 years has trained thousands of skilled surgeons by simplifying and standardizing operating protocols.  

In the same way, the founders of the PADI scuba diving school managed to teach in only a few days to the greatest number of people, skills that, until then, were mastered only by a few specialists.  

In both stories, we find the desire to privilege the simplicity of the message by stripping it of the complex artifices that often only aim at making the teacher seem more prestigious.

SAMBA’s mission is to teach in a simple and new way, to the greatest number of people the essential knowledge for a safe, rigorous, ethical, and fulfilling practice of aesthetic medicine. SAMBA was created to inspire tomorrow’s aesthetic leaders.  

The SAMBA team

Meet the two architects of the SAMBA diploma: Patricia & Guilhem and your reference person for all things SAMBA: Anouk