Dr. Guilhem Poron

MD Aesthetic Doctor

MD, Aesthetic Physician, Certification in Laser, CMO SAMBA, Lausanne, Switzerland

Dr. Poron is an aesthetic physician with 8 years of experience in aesthetic medicine. He holds the University Diploma of Morphological and Anti-Aging Medicine from Lyon 1 and the European Inter-University Diploma of Laser from Paris Descartes. Dr. Poron practiced in Paris before joining the Clinique Matignon group, the leader in aesthetic medicine in Switzerland. In 2022 he founded alongside Dr. Delarive, SAMBA, a complete 100% remote diploma for beginners on the basics of current aesthetic medicine. 

After reading all this, Guilhem may seem like a very academic person but what he actually enjoys the most in his free time is refurbishing and building homes and spending quality time with his kids.